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    Clear Creek CountyAlvarado Cemetery52The cemetery now referred
    to as
    "Alvarado" is a
    combination of 6 or 7
    early cemeteries created
    by different groups
    between the late
    1860's and the turn
    of the century. From the
    early 1900's through
    the present day, members
    of the Masonic Lodge #12,
    AF& AM, have been the
    caring stewards - a
    daunting task undertaken
    by generations of lodge
    members on behalf of
    their own and other
    organizations. The
    current sexton is Ned
    Biggs of Idaho Springs.
    He has the current

    The oldest section sits
    back against the mountain
    in the old Masonic
    section. Tyler
    Disbrow's grave
    (1869) has been
    referenced as the oldest
    although there is an
    earlier child's
    grave from 1865. The
    Masons and the Oddfellows
    were the first to use the
    land for cemetery
    purposes. here were
    early Masonic lodges in
    both Empire and
    Georgetown, so it is
    quite possible that the
    lodges acted jointly to
    form a cemetery for all -
    certainly for the western
    end of the county.

    Early residents from
    Empire, Georgetown,
    Silver Plume, Lawson and
    Dumont are buried here.
    Georgetown had a early
    cemetery inside the town
    limits, but the rocky
    soil and windswept nature
    of the area were always
    problems. As the

    Alvarado cemetery became
    better know, it became
    the burial preference for
    Georgetown residents.
    The Silver Plume cemetery
    started with the
    Oddfellows cemetery in
    1881, while the Empire
    cemetery was organized by
    the Town of Empire in the
    1890's. It is no
    surprise that many of the
    pioneers from these
    towns, many of whom died
    prior to the
    establishment of local
    cemeteries, are buried

    Courtesy of Christine
    Bradley, Clear Creek
    County Archivist.
    The cemetery is located
    off Highway I-70 about 40
    miles west of Denver on
    the frontage road. Take
    the Georgetown exit and
    at the stop sign go left
    and follow the frontage
    road back along the
    highway about 4 miles
    until you see the wrought
    iron gate to the cemetery
    on the right side.

    The base map to the right
    was used with the
    original application to
    register the cemetery. It
    was prepared and
    presented for acceptance
    by the Georgetown Masonic
    Lodge 12 (AF & AM).

    The "Section"
    notation designate the
    section of the cemetery.
    The areas of the cemetery
    here referred to as
    "A" now include
    the whole area to the
    northeast of the St.
    Mary's and Glendale
    Sections. "A"
    is for Alvarado, the
    largest section running
    from the main gate back
    towards the Handicamp;
    "G" Glendale
    section, the heavily
    wooded area which runs
    from the main gate over
    to the large house.
    "S" is St.
    Mary's, the catholic
    section, which is carved
    out of the Glendale

    The burial list was
    created by students of
    the Anthropology
    Department of Fort Lewis
    College under the
    supervision of Mona Lee.
    Presented here courtesy
    of the Clear Creek
    County, Colorado

    Photos were selected and
    taken by Foothills
    Genealogical Society
    members and friends.
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    Cemetery map
    Jefferson CountyArvada Cemetery35Arvada Cemetery was
    established in 1863.
    Volunteers of Foothills
    Genealogical Society of
    Colorado copied the
    tombstone inscriptions of
    Arvada Cemetery in 1983.
    Information was copied
    from tombstones, mortuary
    markers, other metal
    markers and foot stones.
    The recording of
    tombstones inscriptions
    was done row by row, and
    published that way, to
    keep family burials more
    intact than if listed
    Volunteers also referred
    to cemetery records which
    allowed burials that did
    not have tombst
    5581 Independence St.,
    Arvada, Colorado
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    Jefferson CountyAult Cemetery31Ault Cemetery is
    sometimes referred to as
    the "Medlan
    Cemetery" as it is
    located near the site of
    the old Medlan School and
    Post Office on South
    Turkey Creek.

    Additional Information
    about Ault Cemetery is
    available in "The
    Foothills Inquirer"
    Vol. 23 No. 1, Spring
    2003, on pages 29-30.
    This article describes
    how the cemetery was
    founded, where to find a
    map of the location, and
    references other articles
    published about this
    Access to the cemetery is
    off of Highway 285 at
    Homestead, then to the
    end of Ault Lane.
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    Jefferson Count Archive Records

    Park CountyBailey1Called Bailey, on
    hillside above original
    grocery store No side of
    Rd. Homes have been
    built over the area.
    There are no markers - 3
    original burials reported
    by Harold Warren
    Empire, Colorado NE1/4
    SW1/4 Sec29 T7S R72W
    Gilpin CountyBald Mountain Cemetery29Bald Mountain Cemetery
    list is compiled from Sid
    Inscriptions from
    Cemeteries in Gilpin
    County", 1977
    (Denver Public Library,
    G929.578862 5773to and
    FHL film #159756 item 9);
    "Bald Mountain
    Cemetery, Gilpin
    County" by Alan
    Granruth (Denver Public
    Inscriptions from
    Cemeteries in Gilpin
    County, Colorado by Leola
    H. Blanchard, Chairman of
    the Genealogical records
    Committee, Peace Pipe
    Chapter, D.A.R., Denver
    Chapter, 1953, along with
    Bald Mountain Cemetery is
    located about a mile
    north of Nevadaville, an
    old mining town in Gilpin
    County.  Go west thru
    Central City on Main
    Street - Nevadaville
    Rd.  Follow the dirt
    road north out of
    Nevadaville, turn left at
    the fork in the road. 
    Go about 1 mile to
    another fork in the road,
    turn right and follow
    this road to Bald
    Mountain Cemetery.
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    Colorado Gravestones
    Park CountyBaldwin3Harold Warren, historian,
    reported these burials as
    of the folks who operated
    Glen Isle from 1923-1946
    when they formed a
    partnership with Barbara
    and Gordon Tripp - their
    granddaughter. Cemetery
    remains in hands of the
    Baldwin family as of
    Near top of the hill
    above Glen Osle and No of
    US 285 and the river.

    NE1/4 NW1/4 Sec25
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    Jefferson CountyBear Creek/Evergreen/St.
    Mary's Cemetery
    39The Bear Creek Cemetery
    Association consisted of
    the three landowners who
    were the first board of
    directors. At the
    expiration of the charter
    5 March 1928, these three
    men continued acting as
    Board of Trustees until
    the death of Mr. Wilmot
    on 2 December 1935, and
    Mr. Downes on 26
    September 1937. It is
    reported that as long as
    Mr. Wilmot lived an
    American flag always flew
    over the graves of the
    Civil War soldiers.

    More information and the
    history of Bear Creek
    Cemetery is available in
    the "The Foothills
    Spring1992, Volume 12
    Number 4 on pages 91-119.
    It provides a history of
    the Cemetery, a map, and
    details about each
    individual and their
    burial location. An
    index is also included.

    On the 31st day of
    December 1871 Emma
    Hester, daughter of J.T.
    & M.E., died and was
    buried in Bergen township
    on the hill near the Bear
    Creek Wagon Road. This
    quiet rocky hillside now
    located one half mile
    northeast of Evergreen
    Lake on Highway 74 was
    destined to become the
    local cemetery. On 12 Oct
    1907, D.P. Wilmot,
    rancher/farmer, sold for
    $300 each to Michael
    Baker and Robert L.
    Downes, land to be used
    for cemetery purposes
    only. The deed was for
    an undivided one third
    interest in and to the SE
    1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Sec.
    4 in township 5S, Range
    71W, now the site of the
    cemetery. The deed also
    included a one third
    interest for an area in
    the town of Evergreen to
    the North of Bear Creek
    Wagon Road in Sec. 10.On
    the 18th of June 1908
    Robert L. Downes, Dwight
    P. Wilmot and Michael
    Baker sold for $150 to
    the Bear Creek Cemetery
    Association of Evergreen,
    incorporated and
    organized under the laws
    of the state of Colorado,
    5 March 1908, for a term
    of 20 years, a parcel of
    land containing
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    Bear Creek Cemetery Association
    Jefferson CountyBeaver Ranch/Foxton/Head
    42John Ellis was the first
    burial - on land that had
    been homesteaded by his
    wife Agnes - died 28 June
    1884 at 74 years of age.
    Four children of Willard
    and Christie Head who
    died of diphtheria are
    buried here. These
    burials from "The
    Upper Side of the
    Piecrust" by
    Margaret Bentley, 1978.
    Read by FhGS in 1984 Mark
    S. states on Find a grave
    - Robert Wiley was
    listed with the Ellia
    family in the 1870 census
    at age 60
    South of Conifer,
    Colorado, West side
    Highway 285 at Foxton
    Junction Rd. SW 1/4 SE
    1/4 Sec. 23, I6s, R71W,
    6th PM
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    Jefferson CountyBelgin Cemetery49The Belgin family,
    Soloman & Mary Ann,
    came to Arvada from
    England about 1870 and
    homesteaded 160 acres in
    Colorado Territory. Mary
    Ann's brother John
    Clark had come
    previously. They came
    with 7 children and had 5
    more. The first burial
    was 2-year-old son Frank
    who drowned in the
    drainage ditch in 1871.
    Labeled foot stones show
    the location of burial
    places for each
    individual. Some
    information was gleaned
    from Evergreen (Hiwan)
    Historical Soc.,
    Evergreen, "Rocky
    Mountain News",
    Memories, No
    The cemetery is located
    at 7485 Simms Street,
    Arvada, CO Go to red gate
    on west side of Simms St
    between 76th Ave and 75th
    Ave (Gate has a firm
    “no trespassing” type
    of sign). Access point
    has a short angled
    concrete pad leading to
    the red gate that sits
    just south of the ditch
    (Croke Canal) right there
    at Simms St. (north ditch
    is Farmers Highline
    ditch). Cemetery lies
    about 150 yards west of
    Simms Street in the trees
    and just south of the
    path.    GPS: N39
    50.090, W105 07.790
    S32, T2S, R69W NE
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    Belgin Cemetery by City of Arvada
    Park CountyBordenville4The first burial was of
    Georgia A Dunbar in 1871.
    It contains 65 known and
    unknown burials and is
    still in use. The
    records of buriels listed
    here are from Harold
    Warrens' Park County
    burial records notebook
    compiled in the
    1980's and owned by
    The cemetery is located
    1/4 mile east of Terryall
    Rd. at the mouth of
    Graceyard Gulch in NW1/4,
    NW1/2, Sec16, T9S, R74W,
    6th PM Park County,
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